Experience and Example Achievements

Organisation Development, Project and Change Management

  • Developed a range of integrated OD tools; trained and coached managers and staff in new proceses in the UK, Europe and Scandinavia –enhancing performance and reduced staff turnover.
  • Appraised and advised on a range of organisational issues, reducing absence by 25% and enhancing performance by 15%
  • Led and managed identification of KRAs for all roles, driving organisational restructure and realignment
  • Evaluated and facilitated redesign and restructure, ensuring smooth transition to new structure
  • Effected creation of functional competencies and built aligned functional development plans
  • Led relocation of all development activities to Athens from London, coaching local personnel to ensure smooth transition
  • Created and managed an outplacement centre during a major redundancy programme, minimising unemploment by facilitating reengagement into the local community

Engagement, Diversity and On-Boarding

  • Facilitated more than 20 focus groups on gender diversity as foundation for cultural development
  • Led supplier selection and project managed rollout of 360° feedback across 26 countries, providing 1-2-1 feedback for executives – feedback forming the basis for a leadership development programme.
  • Created and implemented  a service delivery survey for key stakeholders, enabling performance development
  • Facilitate agreement of survey design across 7 international divisions and project manage rollout across 12 countries, creating communications stratety to achieve 88% completion rate
  • Developed, organised and facilitated 2 HR conferences in Athens and N Ireland, bringing together professionals from 26 countries
  • Designed and rolled out a comprehensive induction process for all recruits – new recruit retention measurably improved

Performance and Talent Management

  • Conducted organisation review, designed and launched a  performance and talent strategy across UK, Europe and Scandinavia – 75% compliance in year 1
  • Introduced a performance management framework resulting in aligned and integrated performance planning and delivery in all 26 territories
  • Designed and project managed implementation of performance management during a merger or two airlines, coaching senior managers through the transition and training all managers and staff
  • Established formal development for all trainees – apprentices, undergraduates and graduates, achieving accreditation by Professional Institutes
  • Led development of talent management strategy, planning and rollout.

Leadership Development

  • Led the design and implementation of a leadership development programme in partnership with IMD with notable enhancement to collaboration, loyalty and performance development
  • Planned and launched a leadership development and talent programme for top 300 leading to enhance cross-functional and business performance
  • Directed the creation of leadership and succession development programmes in partnership with Roffey Park
  • Re-launched a leadership development programme during a major downsizing, reducing turnover of key talent
  • Designed and delivered a range of leadership modules as part of a modular leadership development programmme
  • Coached executives and leaders as an integrated part of a leadership programme
  • Designed and facilitated a leadership development conference
  • Leadership individual mentoring, training and coaching for HR leadership and organisational development

Coaching, Team Development and Facilitation

  • Coached, mentored and acted as subject matter expert to develop multi-national HR, L&D and functional populations across 26 countries, raising HR function’s profile, performance and impact
  • Executive coach for senior personnel supporting achievement of leadership, professional and business objectives
  • Re-aligned learning function to deliver business performance objectives
  • Facilitated benchmarking and competency development for EIT function of 500 staff in 26 countries leading to aligned development and enhanced performance delivery
  • Developed a core team to become business coaches and mentors

Learning/Training Design, Delivery and Evaluation

  • Established an in-house learning team aligned to business functions, raising the profile of learning, reducing costs and enhancing performance delivery.
  • Designed and delivered a wide range of learning interventions, including blended learning, improving individual, team and organisational performance.  Programmes delivered throughout the UK, Europe and Scandinavia
  • Created benchmarks and metrics to measure ROI and return on expectation for learning interventions
  • Developed trainers and facilitators to design, deliver and evaluate learning programmes
  • Delivered a complex project during a transition from manual to automated manufacture to assess capability, capture process and skills, document, develop and train staff to become trainers and cascade learning
  • Reviewed and developed implementation and training strategies for SAP HR rollout, coaching technical trainers
  • Lecture in HRM in the UK, Bulgaria and Dubai, delivering professional Levels 5 and 3 CIPD qualifications

Learning Strategy and Culture Development

  • Led a cross-organisational team to design a group’s vision and values, providing the basis for continuous improvement
  • Developed and implemented a development strategy, policy and framework, fully aligned to business strategy, for multi-site international business –
  • Devised a 3-year Group learning strategy emphasising targeted development aligned to Mission Statement and ROI
  • Formulated a new competency models aligned to vision, guiding all processes and leading to achievement of IiP
  • Developed an HR culture across 23 countries through cascade development of a cohort of HR professionals